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From solvent-based, solventless, water-based, heat seal coatings and cold seal technologies, our product offering can help business with whatever project comes your way. This site was developed to help simplify the grade selection process, answer regulatory questions and provide the tools you need to formulate for your specific application in Laminating adhesives.  

Solventless Adhesives

Solventless adhesives are 100% active products containing no water or solvent carrier. They are applied to base substrates using smooth roll transfer, solventless laminators and subsequently nipped/bonded to the secondary film to make the lamination. These laminations may contain multiple layers and are used in a broad array of food packaging applications including for snack foods, high performance retort, and microwavable packaging. These products meet a broad range of FDA regulations for packaging adhesives and are suitable for most films, foils, and paper.

Solvent Based Adhesives

Solvent-based adhesives contain solvent as a carrier, which is subsequently dried after application (dry bond laminating), leaving the active resin system on the substrate to be bonded to a secondary substrate to make the lamination. These laminations can contain multiple adhesive layers and are used in a variety of food packaging applications ranging from snack food to high-demand, retortable packages covering multiple FDA regulations. They are also used in industrial laminating applications such as window film, fabric laminations, and insulation-facing laminates. Dow’s solvent-based portfolio is one of the broadest available in the industry.

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